As I reflect on my artistic life I realize that all roads have led me to creating jewelry. My influences began at the age of six, with the treasured sparkling, sequined, harem costume my grandparents gave me for a gift.

I began my career teaching art in New York City then going on to years of designing textiles and dealing in decorative antiques. I travelled the world to discover and purchase hidden treasures of fabrics and artifacts for my businesses.

I came to designing jewelry by a leap of faith. An afternoon picnic in central park with a handful of beads led to creating a pair of earrings which were admired and purchased by a lady passing by. Taking that as my cue I took to the streets of SoHo with my jewelry and never looked back. Walks in the country, sunsets at the beach, my love of music, the beauty of natural forms and spectacular colors all add to my mind’s eye.

The process begins as a force moves through my body and out of my hands; a sculpture is formed and a piece is created. I’m always seeking a sense of harmony, balance and truth in my work. I believe there is a special person for every object I create. The circle of energy is shared and completed with your connection. Please feel free to browse and enjoy!